Gas ranges versus electric ranges

Gas ranges versus electric ranges

a white electric range - looks a bit different than a gas range

I have read an interesting article about ranges the other day. It was written around the question whether you should buy a gas range or an electric range nowadays.

Many may not find it to be an interesting topic but I did. Let me tell you why. I don’t think this is going to be a surprise to anyone: gas ranges work based on natural gas. Natural gas contributes to global warming. Is it getting exciting?

Some more info about gas range: Pick My Gas Range

So, basically it is not really a question of deciding between to devices that do pretty much the same thing using different kinds of source. It is a moral question. Should I think about nature when deciding what kind of device I am going to buy, put in my kitchen and use every day for many years? My personal opinion: no, I should not.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not against nature. Nor I am one of those saying that global warming is just a made up thing that doesn’t actually exist. I have read a lot about this topic and I am aware of that this problem exists and that this is a very serious one. The reason why I don’t think that just because I believe in global warming and I want to preserve nature in its current state I should buy an electric range instead of a gas range is that I don’t think this is what makes the difference.

The difference is made in factories. Not even by buying electric cars. This alone is not going to save us from further warming of the globe. More than 60 of the gases cause global warming are produced by factories. Only around 15% by cars. About the same percentage is derived from heating with wood, gas etc.

You may not agree with me, you have the right to do so. This is only my opinion.

Have a good one!


Adventure of the retro party

Hello everybody,

This is my second entry in this blog, and I’m very happy because you gave me a lot of feedback about my first writing. I love you!

Now I have another story to share, in a style I never tried before.

A story about a party that we organised together with my best friend, Mary.

It was retro styled and we had to find everything to make it real. The whole process was just like a questline in a MMORPG (massive multiplayer online role playing game). We had a list and we had to gather everything from that – “Bring 10 frogeye and a 2 griffin leg”. After we finished, we brought the items to the place where we threw the party. We got XP (experience point) for doing that and a new quest as well – “Gather your allies” (invite our friends). This wasn’t easier than the previous task, but we did it – Level up!

To make it perfect I still had to borrow my father’s old record player – “Recover the legacy of your clan”.

After several rounds of the same repetitive missions, we could finally made it to the very end – to the party.

Everyone was dressed up as we asked them (‘80s style) and everything went well until… the “A wild DJ has appeared” – drunk as hell. In the first two minutes he broke 3 vinyl disc and after an hour the turntable as well. This is when I got “enraged” and finished the boss fight, by kicking the DJ out of the party.

Fortunately, we could continue it by plugging in a notebook and playing music from that.

Altogether the party was great, but somehow I had to give a turntable back to my father – “Revive of the ancestor”.

I could not complete this quest because I had not enough mana (money) to do this. His turntable was a relic.

By sacrificing all of our hard gathered golds, we could buy the best modern turntable, thanks to

Now I have to rest a bit, my journey was long and tiring.